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Note: Steam Wallet Code (MY) sold by XYJGamer is a digital code. The code is redeemable according to your Steam Wallet Region / Currency Setting. All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-RETURNABLE.

注意:XYJGamer 出售的 Steam Wallet Code (MY) 是一个电子卡密。该卡密可根据您的 Steam 钱包地区/货币设置进行兑换。所有购买均不可退款且不可退货。

【How to Redeem Steam Wallet Code?】

1) Login to your Steam account.
2) Go to Redeem a Steam Wallet page.
3) Click “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”
4) Enter the Steam Wallet Code click Continue. The funds will be added to your account and be ready for use to buy games on STEAM

【如何兑换 Steam 钱包卡密?】

1) 登录您的Steam账号
2) 前往兑换Steam钱包页面。
3) 点击“兑换 Steam 礼品卡或钱包卡密”
4) 输入 Steam 钱包卡密点击继续。资金将被添加到您的帐户中,并可以用于在 Steam 上购买游戏